Health & Wellness Centers

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Health & Wellness Centers of all kinds have a common goal of promoting better health, and getting our bodies in shape. A fitness center – probably more than the average venue – will likely have members that are generally more focused on caring for themselves and their bodies. So why not offer them the best water on the market without breaking the bank, and keeping as much room as possible for fitness activities and equipment – and not water jugs.

We work with a variety of yoga studios, gyms, fitness centers, etc. and have stunning feedback from owners and more importantly from the members! Moreover, our bottleless technology is not only more convenient, but the water itself has more benefits than tap water or even bottled water. 

With our advanced BOOST filter, your drinking water will contain all essential minerals and electrolytes. These are very important for optimal hydration during and post training, and all this without adding 50 – 100 grams of sugar in every drink.



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