We work with small practitioners as well as large medical offices, providing their facilities with medical-grade drinking water. A medical practice is perhaps the most important facility to have a sterilized patient/staff environment. Water should be there to help you do your job, not be an additional task to worry about! 

Our fully sealed, self-sanitizing systems will ensure you are getting only the freshest, cleanest water–without any of the germs. Through our patented oxygen-injection, you will have access to sterilized, oxygenated water with every sip! Our CleanContact coating takes it a step further, and prevents any germs from surviving on the outside of the unit as well!

Get hassle free maintenance, top quality water, and prompt & professional service to match – keeping your employees and patients hydrated with the healthiest and safest water available today.  You have a passion for health, and so do we. Ask how you can drink our water for free to experience the HYDR8 difference for yourself!