VSCO Girl: Basic Conformist or Environmental Entrepreneur?

Emma Ahlstrom 10/24/2019 Oversized T-Shirt Scrunchie on her wrist Hydro flask in hand This may seem like a random list of items, but collectively, this list comprises what is the definition of a VSCO girl.  She has an instagram aesthetic with pictures so brightly saturated with filters to emphasize that natural golden hour glow that […]

Importance of Drinking Water During Exercise

  Whether you’re a professional athlete or just made your first step into the neighborhood gym , drinking water during exercise is essential if you want to get the most out of your training and feel good while you’re doing it. If you start out dehydrated, you won’t get a good workout. You’ll get dizzy and you won’t […]

4 Ways To Encourage Kids To Drink More Water

There are four main principles that can encourage our kids to drink more water: Easy and accessible use! Kids who would have to “strain” to get themselves a glass of water, would simply fail to do so. For example, water pitchers stored in the refrigerator can be one of these obstacles. We can definitely skip […]

5 reasons to drink more water during winter

5 Reasons to Drink More Water During Winter

1. Regulating Body Temperature When outside temperatures drop, the body begins to regulate its internal heat. In order to overcome the cold outside, our body activates a kind of internal heating mechanism. For this purpose the body makes use of the resources it has accumulated, or in other words – using energy. In order to […]

Drinking Water and Your Skin

Drinking enough water has many positive physical expressions, but not all of them we can see or feel. One of the most obvious external expressions of drinking water to which we can be witnesses, is the look of our skin. People who drink plenty of water may slow symptoms of skin aging such as wrinkles. […]

Bottleless vs. Bottled Water Cooler

Which water cooler is better Bottled or Bottleless ? If you are working in an office environment, you’ve probably found yourself wondering about the answer to this question many times. You’ve maybe even found yourself discussing it with your colleagues in a classic example of ‘water cooler conversation’. Below, we brought you few benefits of […]

Negative Messages In A Bottle

Did you realize, besides the deterioration of the plastics that can seep into your water over time from plastic bottles, there are other reasons why changing the way you drink you water can be beneficial to you and the world.  This is because all these millions of plastic bottles made every year can impact the […]

Water Cooler Before & Afters… no really

So you often will see them on contractor websites, the beautiful difference after days, and week or tireless labor, material and tons of money – your brand new room or house. Perhaps on a salon website you will see the initial bedhead or overgrowing hair then be transformed to a person ready to grace the stage, but you […]

If Water Never Goes Bad – Why Do They Contain An Expiration?

Have you ever wondered why for sometime that should stand the test of times, for purposes of our conversation, water, why bottled water in stores as well as water jugs for traditional water coolers have an expiration to their water?  Hate to tell you but, quite frankly, it is because the means in which they […]