Bottleless vs. Bottled Water Cooler

Which water cooler is better Bottled or Bottleless ? If you are working in an office environment, you’ve probably found yourself wondering about the answer to this question many times. You’ve maybe even found yourself discussing it with your colleagues in a classic example of ‘water cooler conversation’. Below, we brought you few benefits of Bottleless Water Coolers that you should take into consideration and maybe they will help you to make the right decision.

Lets start with the most important aspect – the water. Today’s Bottleless Water Coolers are armed with a number of modern hi-tech filters that are not just cleaning and purifying the water but also enriching it with the essential minerals such as Calcium, Potassium, Sodium. In addition, they keep the required pH level balance which is very important factor to your health. This means that the quality of water these coolers provide is top notch and can compete and usually win the best brands in the market.

Supply and Demand – one of the biggest advantages of Bottleless Water Coolers is their continuous supply of water. It doesn’t matter if its summer or winter, it doesn’t matter if your office suddenly was chosen to host the annual forum. No matter what is the demand of water in your environment, the Bottleless Water Coolers are able to supply at any moment any season or occasion the required needs of water.

Its 2018, people have realized the importance of keeping our planet green. There is no doubt that empty bottles and the plastic pieces are the worst enemies of our priceless nature. According to the last studies only 10% of ‘recycle’ plastic is actually being recycled, so why to let this happen if we can protect our oceans our forests and the animals that live there.

By drinking water from Bottleless Water Coolers, people help themselves, they get pure healthy water without a risk that it was stored in a low quality plastic bottles or in a high temperature. Bottleless Water Coolers prevent the risk of back pain by eliminating the need of lifting heavy 42lb bottles – you never know how it will end action.

Keep yourself your family and your folks properly hydrated and don’t forget about the planet.