Our Team

Ralph Marucci – Co-Founder / CEO

Ralph Marucci started in the water industry 14 years ago, and has consistently aimed to provide the highest grade of water and service to each person he has encountered. One of the many things he has learned is, not all water is the same!  His goals are simple, to earn the right to become a trusted vendor, and become a resource to each entity he encounters.  
Diligently, Ralph seeks to accomplish this through hard work, transparency and making good on his promises.  Over the last decade and a half, he has had the pleasure of working with a variety of customers in all fields, and he looks forward to all the new relationships and friendships to follow.

Eric – Co-Founder / COO

Eric Saga started installing point of use water systems at 22 years old, already having several years’ plumbing expertise working for a large company. His need to help the environment, coupled with his desire to provide people with a superior product and service, gave him the foresight and confidence to pursue a career in the sustainable beverage industry. 
A decade and a half later–with thousands of installs and tens of thousands of service calls handled or overseen, and having eliminated millions of plastic bottles from reaching landfills–Eric and his team work diligently to continue making HYDR8’s dream of providing purified, sterilized, and sustainable high quality drinking water a reality for millions of people in the greater NY area.