Water Filtration for Businesses and Residential in NYC

HYDR8 is New York City's premier water filtration company providing the best water filtration systems rental to your homes, offices and businesses throughout New York, and the entire Tri-State Area. Ensure an endless supply of clean water for your family or co-workers that is far superior to most of the traditional systems and most bottled-water options in stores.  Our bottle-less water coolers with PHSI Pure Water Technology, not only produce cleaner, purer drinking water, our bottleless water coolers provide significant cost savings. 

Forget about the water delivery, bulky plastic jugs you need to store, running out of the jugs or space to store them, or simply the inferior quality of the water that is derived from these antiquated systems. HYDR8 is a premier water filtration company in NYC that puts our customers first, always. We look forward to providing you a free demo to experience the difference for yourself.  What do you have to lose?  Request your no risk trial today!